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Vandalism victims speak out about being targeted

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Several homes, cars and signs are damaged after an early-morning vandalism spree.

Graphic pictures and language were spray-painted around town.

"A black kind of tar-ish spray paint," victim Thomas Smithlin said.

Some victims had their windows and mirrors smashed with what they say looked like a crowbar.

"For ten minutes of fun it's costing people thousands of dollars," Aprilleena Steethem said.

Many of the victims said, they don't feel their safety is threatened, but it is unsettling.

"It's an invasion of space. It feels like a violation," Smithlin said.

"It's pretty infuriating," Steethem said.

"It feels threatening," Smithlin said. "It really does. It's not a reason to not want to be outside at night or feel scared of my neighborhood or my community but it inches towards that."

The Steethem sisters have security video of two men running by and smashing the mirrors. They said they believe these are the men responsible for *all* the vandalism.

"We do have it all on recording so we will do as best as we can to try to figure out who these kids are so we can help not only us but the families that have been damaged as well as their property," Keeawna Steethem said.

As for now, the victims said they hope the perpetrators are brought to justice, but said they won't let it shake them.

"They're trying to give people headaches and get noticed and get attention and get under our skin," Smithlin said. "I'm a school teacher so imagine a classroom full of kids and imagine letting them get under your skin and showing that you're frustrated every time you are. You don't last long. That's a hellish experience in a classroom. So it's kind of the same here."

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