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Early morning vandals target Billings homeowners

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Several homes near the area of 13th Street and Parkhill Drive have been vandalized. Graphic pictures and language were spray-painted on garages, cars, mailboxes and other property early Thursday morning.

Lt. Neil Lawrence from The Billings Police department said so far, law enforcement has no suspects.

He said at least 10 complaints have been made to law enforcement about the vandalism. All the calls have been handed to the Billings Crime Prevention Center for further investigation.

Lawrence said typically vandalism cases are considered a "criminal mischief" charge, which is a misdemeanor. But if the damage exceeds $1,500 and law enforcement can prove it was the same person or group of people who caused it, it can be considered a felony.

The felony charge would be a "common scheme" violation, and it would be up to the city or county attorney to make that call. 

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