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Lacy family braces for thunderstorm

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Due to the severe thunderstorm warning today, KULR 8 wanted to check up on the Lacy family in Laurel whose house could possibly be swept away by the Yellowstone River.
The water level was not rising near the Lacy family's home. In fact, it was actually streaming lower. If this thunderstorm occurs as predicted, the river's water level will rise and potential erosion may continue to threaten the  Lacy home. Samantha Lacy said there is nothing they can do to protect the home right now. She said she's investing most of her time talking with insurance agencies to see if anything can be done to move forward if the worst should happen.
"We're aware of the storms coming in and we're holding onto our butts right now so there's really not a whole lot that we can do," said Lacy. "Our house at this point - we don't have clean water. Our well has been compromised. Our septic has been compromised."
Lacy said all her family can do right now is hope for the best. If you want to help this family, there is a go fund me account the extended family has put up. You can click on this link to go there directly

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