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Garth Brooks keeps promise to fan

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Yesterday, we told you about a young man with tickets to all five of the Garth Brooks concerts. Jeremy Larson told us Garth Brooks had promised to give him his guitar. Well, Garth Brooks kept his word!
KULR 8's Briana Monte spoke with Jeremy Larson yesterday who said the singer had promised to give Jeremy his guitar at the second concert of the day on Saturday.
This video was posted on Jeremy Larson's Facebook page which now has well over eighty thousand views. You can see in the video Garth Brooks points Jeremy out of the crowd and reads his posters. One of the posters reads 'You are the reason I play guitar'. The singer then asked to hold the poster to take a closer look at the guitar picks attached to the poster. The guitar picks were previously owned by Garth Brooks himself. What happens next is surprising.
"If you're gonna play a guitar," said Garth Brooks. That's when Garth Brooks throws Larson the guitar he had been playing that night.
You can see in the video that after Garth Brooks gave Jeremy his guitar, they both sang and played in unison. Larson was filled with emotion.
"I'm grateful for all the support I'm getting from Billings," said Larson. "I think my favorite part too was when I was playing along 'cause I had a lot of people that knew about that and they were like waiting for that moment to which I didn't think I was going to get, but I think the best part too was the support I got from the Metra. Like, as soon as I was playing along with it, I never heard a crowd cheer so loud in my life and to have Garth and me just do that one on one connection and to have every one else just kinda like back off and just enjoy it and cheer, that was a really great moment too. Like, I'm glad they let me have that experience with him."
Jeremy says his social media has been blowing up since the video was released. He told us he's gotten over 700 Facebook friend requests.

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