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Kayak capsizes, sending two into Yellowstone River

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The Billings Fire Department, Montana Highway Patrol and the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office responded just after 9 Saturday night.

According to a press release, two women around 30 years old who put in at laurel capsized near duck creek.

Crews lined the river between Duck Creek to South Billings Blvd. to try to locate and pull the kayakers to safety.

Rescuers discovered one woman made it to shore while another was stuck on a log jam in the middle of the river.

Crews said one of the women had a cell phone and was able to keep in contact with law enforcement. 

Once rescuers lost communication, an attempted help flight was called but could not land because it was too dark.

Crews decided to wait for daybreak and higher visibility to retrieve her. 

However, a national guard helicopter equipped for nighttime was eventually sent out and rescued the woman at about 2-30 Sunday morning.

Both women received medical attention.

KULR 8 Spoke with Sheriff Linder earlier this week about river safety.

"Again unless it's a boat and unless you've got training, qualified to be on a river like that, I don't recommend that people go out there in rubber type boats and that type of stuff," Linder said. "There's a lot of people with a lot of experience and they're probably going to be just fine but I would say the people that are not prepared for this or have no experience...it's a dangerous place to be."

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