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Rapid rivers causing potential flooding

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As the weather gets warmer, rivers such as the Boulder and Yellowstone rivers have the potential to cause flooding, mainly due to snow melting from the mountains. The Yellowstone River is not flooded at the moment, but the Boulder River, which flows into the Yellowstone River, has rapidly flowing waters, which have the potential to overflow. In rapid flowing water, Sheriff Mike Linder said the best thing to do is to always be prepared.
"The most common mistake we're seeing is just not being prepared," said Sheriff Linder. "Whether or not they have - like I said - life jackets. That's a must. Or if they're equipment that they have is not quality enough to be on something like the river that we have here. There's a lot of obstacles in that river. A lot of debris."
Brooke Osen with Disaster and Emergency Services says when the river levels were last checked, they were sitting at 6 feet. She says the flood stage is marked at 7 feet.
DES is discussing the possibility of moving the flood stage levels to 8 feet.
"There's no significant impact at 7 foot yet," said Osen. "It's not even really coming out of the banks at 7 foot."
Although the rivers are not flooding yet, Osen says they have a potential to flood if the weather stays heated. She says they are prepared for the unexpected.
"The county has flood banks - sandbags that we sell," said Osen. "Stack 'em, stack 'em high. It's not gonna prevent all the water from going in, but it definitely will help if there is a potential danger."
Osen says as of today, there have been no reports of flooding.

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