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Korean War veteran and family remain displaced by fire

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Memorial Day is a somber event for millions of veterans and their families. 

On Monday, Ralph Belobraidic was numb, not because he was mourning his military brothers of years past... but that a lifetime of memories was gone in flames and puddles.

Just after noon Monday, Belobraidic and nine members of his family were forced to evacuate their home on Belvedere Drive.

The garage was fully engulfed in flame... and those flames had made their way into the attic of their home.

By the time firefighters left... there was nothing more than a charred husk of his garage... his tools, guns, and hunting truck lost as well.

Hunting for many Montanans is way to get back to nature... to get away... but for this family, hunting is a means to survival. A fixed income for the family... medical bills on the horizon for a heart surgery, and many mouths to feed forced Belobraidic and his daughters to use the skills they had at hand... cultivating the wilderness for sustenance.

The family is now living in a local hotel... they are grateful for willing neighbors who offered them clothing and other daily items. But the near future will not be easy as the family doesn't expect that they will be able to return to their burned property any time soon.

They are also grateful for the prayers they have received, and more importantly that they still have one another. For now they will work to get by day to day.

There are those who continue to ask through social media how they may help. On Wednesday a "go fund me" account was established in their name.

Anyone wishing to offer assistance can do so by clicking here.  

5/29/2017 - House Fire on Belvedere Drive.

KULR-8 has a reporter on the scene.

It appears a garage is fully involved and that flames may have spread to the residence.

Avoid the 2900 block of Belvedere Drive so that fire crews can do their work.

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