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Columbus student charged with attempted deliberate homicide

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A student at Yellowstone Boys And Girls Ranch allegedly plotted the murder of her classmate.

According to Stillwater County Charging Documents, the 14 year old student allegedly plotted to not only kill, but torture one of her classmates with the help of two other students.

A Stillwater County Sheriff's Deputy was called to Columbus Middle School May 18 for a meeting regarding a report of a threat.

According to charging documents, a school official told law enforcement a bus driver sent the school a letter outlining the conversation she overheard about the plot. 

The bus driver indicated she overheard a the female student plotting to kill one of her classmates. 

According to the charging documents, the Deputy read the letter stating the girls plan was to invite her classmate over, tie him to a chair and beat him with a crowbar.

The bus driver stated the conversation made her blood run cold.

The letter also states she planned to have the help of two other students.

According to the bus driver, when the girl asked her friend for help, he told her he did not want to have anything to do with it.The documents say when the girl confronted her friend, she said "You're seriously not going to help me?"

Her friend once again declined to participate.

When the Deputy spoke with the bus driver, the bus driver said she was very scared for the victims life and felt that the girl was serious about killing her classmate.

According to documents, law enforcement then conducted further investigation into the relationships between all of the students involved.

Documents state the bus driver told law enforcement the second student the girl allegedly asked for help was known for being a bully and beating people up.

She said the students nickname was "muscle," and he was bigger than the rest of the kids.

According to the documents, when law enforcement sat down with the girls friend, he told them he believed the girl and the victim were dating.

He said when the relationship ended, things changed between the two of them. He said they began acting mean toward each other and fighting.He said the girl asked him to invite the victim to his house using his tools. The friend told law enforcement, "I swear to God she was going to do it."

According to the documents, the friend blocked her on social media after the girl continued to message him about killing their classmate. 

After making the statement to law enforcement, the documents say the friends parents asked about a temporary restraining order.The documents say the friends mother believed the girl, along with the girls mother, would possibly harm her or her son.

The superintendent of Yellowstone Girls And Boys Ranch sent KULR 8 a statement which reads:

"Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch and Yellowstone Academy takes these situations very seriously. Staff at Yellowstone Academy acted promptly to ensure the safety of the youth involved.  I cannot provide any other information about the situation at this time, and I cannot provide any information regarding the youth involved.  We are grateful for the support and professionalism displayed by law enforcement, and Yellowstone Academy will continue to cooperate with them as the situation unfolds."

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