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Woman says cancer treatment gives her a full life

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In the United States right now, there are 155,000  women living with Metastatic breast cancer. This information comes from doctors at St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center.

Metastatic breast cancer is an advanced form of breast cancer, which means the cancer has spread beyond the breast and moved to other organs in the body.

A drug called Herceptin has been around for several years to help women with Metastatic breast cancer. However, Herceptin is only appropriate for about a quarter of women with breast cancer.

Dr. Patrick Cobb, Medical Director at St. Vincent Frontier Cancer Center, said you must have a special receptor called her-two to qualify for Herceptin.

He said he's been an oncologist for a while now and it's a gratifying feeling to see women with Metastatic breast cancer living happy and full lives.

"When you look at the United States, 20 years ago the chances that a woman would be alive with metastatic breast cancer at five years, was only about 18 percent," Cobb said. "Now when you look at women who have metastatic breast cancer, the chances that they will be alive in five years is 36-percent. So the survival rate has doubled."

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