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Tribal Leaders attend Native American Economic Summit

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Native American culture comprises a large part of the history and life in Montana.

Tribal leaders said the summit is a way to cover topics like housing, agriculture, and alternative energy just to name a few.

Leaders said they are working with the Native American Development Corporation and the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council to become more independent and self sustaining.

The summit is a way for leaders to address issues pertaining to economic development in Indian country.

Leaders said they are hoping to start projects to build their tribes stronger and more profitable through projects.

"You know, hit one project at a time and finish it," Sheldon King with the Northern Cheyenne Tribe said. "Go on to the next and each of those individual projects will help our people be self sustainable on our reservation and have those economic dollars revolve back into our economy. And that's what we're trying to strive for."

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