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Little boy gets birthday surprise

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A little boy in our community gets a very special surprise from the Billings Police Department on his special day.
Three-year-old Levi is turning four this Sunday. His mother invited some of his daycare teachers to his birthday party, which is happening tomorrow.
Unfortunately, some of them couldn't make it so they decided to do something extra special for Levi.
Levi's mom, Alysha Harrell, said Levi is a huge fan of firefighters and police officers.
Levi's teachers from his daycare, Little Monsters, called the Billings Police Department and asked if some of the police officers could visit Levi's daycare to surprise him.
One officer granted the request and came by the daycare to surprise Levi.
Harrell said the officer walked through the front door of the daycare and asked to see Levi.
After that, Levi, as well as the rest of his daycare friends, spent time checking out the policeman and his vehicle.
"Seeing my son in the video - his face just completely light up was just remarkable, said Harrell. "Sitting there - every time he sees one on the street, he's like 'mom, there's a police officer! There's a fire truck!' He just- he gets so excited so having the Billings Police Department do this for him today was absolutely amazing."
Levi said he had a lot of fun with the officer today and said his favorite part was getting to ride in the car.

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