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Sinkholes form in Shepherd road

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A road in Shepherd closes due to a sinkhole, which started forming yesterday. It was not one sinkhole, but two.

Pinto Road curves around a lane of houses, and you can spot one sinkhole quite easily, but the other sinkhole is hidden among weeds and grass.

Nina Niles lives right by Pinto Road and says her neighbor heard a loud noise when it happened. She says the sinkholes are about 16 to 20 feet deep and suspects the culvert underneath the road must have rusted and rotted out.

Nina says just before the road collapsed, a school bus has just passed over it.

"It's just very, very fortunate that they saw it and heard it when they did because a car could've come around that corner, and it would've swallowed up a small car," Niles said.

The area has been blocked off, so no thru traffic can pass, but you can go around the street. Some of the neighbors say it's not too bad of an inconvenience because there are other ways to get around it.

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