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Sen. Daines reacts to Billings Gazette editorial over possible U.S. Russia ties

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A morning editorial published in the Billings Gazette has captured Senator Steve Daines' attention.

The editorial focuses on the firing of FBI Director James Comey and a special investigation into possible Russian ties with the current presidential administration.

Darrell Ehrlick is the Billings Gazette's editor and a member of the paper's editorial board. Ehrlick tells KULR-8 that the paper reached out to both Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines about the firing and if they support a special investigation.

Ehrlick says they heard from Tester and received a statement about Comey's firing from Daines.

The editorial states, while Daines issued a statement, he declined to talk to the newspaper about the subject.

It goes on to state the editorial board can only assume Daines stands with the White House in turning over classified information to the Russians and that Daines would not support an independent investigation into the administration.

Senator Daines tells us he's concerned about the editorial and that the board made a lot of assumptions.

He says there's an investigation going on through the U.S. Senate Select Intelligence Committee and will support their findings. Sen. Daines says, "I will respect the fact-finding mission they are on and their conclusions but let's wait for those conclusions, but let's wait for those facts. That's what needs to happen versus all the speculation going on right now from the media."

As for Ehrlick he and the editorial board are standing by their conclusions. He says, "We did try to take our time. I mean some editorials are written the day of, news breaks and we respond 'cause that's the kind of the editorial board should be responsive, but we wanted to make sure that, it's obviously a sensitive and polarizing subject and we wanted to make sure we did to the best of our ability ask the two senators where they stood. "

Ehrlick goes on to say that the paper reached out to the senator's office on three separate occasions between Friday and Sunday last week.

Senator Daines' staff says they tried to set up a time to talk to the Billings Gazette about this topic.

Here you can read the original editorial and Sen. Daines' response.

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