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Fallen Deputy Moore is remembered as a superhero

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From a family man to someone who would give you his shirt off his back three fork residents say 42-year-old Mason Moore will be very missed in the community.

When he was off duty he gave back to the community as a volunteer firefighter. ABC FOX Montana spoke with the chief of the fire department who remembers Moore as a local hero.

"It’s pretty tough times around here, I don’t think people realized he was a firefighter," said Fire Chief Keith Aune.

Three Forks Fire Chief Keith Aune says Deputy Mason Moore's death is a tough loss for the state as well as the community.

“He was great around here, he got everybody cheered up and motivated when he was around with his little things he said and stuff,” said Aune. “It seems like its always the good guys that something happens to.  You know he was one of those guys he would do anything for you help you out any way you needed.”

Keith says one thing that stuck out about Deputy Moore was his devotion to his wife and three children.

“He was a very dedicated family man he was always with his family and kids and when he wasn’t doing that he was at the fire department or being a sheriff,” said Aune.

Aune was with Moore’s wife yesterday and said she was telling him things she will never forget about her husband.

"She said he gave the greatest hugs and I will never forget that. She mentioned stuff like that," said Aune.

Keith said Deputy Moore would trade out his firefighters uniform for his deputy’s uniform going back and forth between the two jobs to help as many people as possible.

 "We kind of joked around that he was kind of like Superman, because was able to go into the phone book changing his clothes really quickly and get into his sheriffs uniform," said Aune.

Losing Moore affects more than just the Three Forks community, Aune says this death affects the whole state.

“I’m going to say we're going to miss a superhero,” said Aune. “That guy would do anything for anybody and like I said he would take the shirt off his back or if you needed help doing something he’d be there.”

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