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Veterinary team finds hundreds of ticks on dog

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Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care posted a picture on their Facebook page last Friday that was quite a shock to its followers.
According to Best Friends Animal Hospital, a dog had gotten loose in the Billings area sometime last week and was finally caught by the end of the day. When the dog was given a check up, 472 ticks had to be  removed from just the one dog.
Emily Gocke-Smith is a veterinarian at Best Friends Animal Hospital and said one tick can make a dog sick, but when talking about hundreds on a dog - depending on the dog's size - it's enough to drain blood and cause dogs to be anemic.
She said some diseases take time to show any symptoms or signs so the quicker you get the tick off, the faster you stop the drain of blood and reduce chances for disease.
"We have ticks all across the country and they carry diseases in every region," said Gocke-Smith. "Diseases that can be transmitted to the dog and diseases that can potentially infect humans so the most important thing is to not have these diseases passed to our animals. That's the big risk for both animals and people. You don't want them on yourself either."
Gocke-Smith said veterinarians recommend using tick prevention so if you're dog goes outside, do a thorough check when your dog comes back inside.
If ticks are found on your dog, gently remove that tick as soon as possible.

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