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Stillwater Mine new owner looking to mimic Good Neighbor Agreement in South Africa

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The Stillwater Mine has played a major role in Montana communities surrounding the mine for several years. The new boss of Stillwater Mining Co., Neal Froneman, said that won't change.

"We'd like to pick up from the good relationships the existing executive has built up," Froneman said. "In our due diligence the Good Neighbor Agreement is a world class mechanism of involving landholders and ensuring exceptional environmental compliance."

In fact, Froneman said he likes the Good Neighbor Agreement so much, he is working on implementing similar agreements with mines Sibanye Gold owns in South Africa.

"I think those are, as I say, world class agreements in terms of stakeholder involvement and we have very good relationships with the NGO's in the South Africa on the environmental side and we've actually started to expose them to that type of agreement so we see that as a world class operating procedure," Froneman said.

Froneman also said he hopes to increase the rate of investment in the mines, which he said he hopes will create more jobs.

"To us, mining is about the people more than it is about the underground resources," Froneman said.

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