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Blizzard survivor shares story

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Elk hunter Mike Fisher says he would have died at his elk hunting trip in White Sulphur Springs in January from hypothermia if it wasn't for lots of help.

Mike says he was trying to tell the dispatcher where he and his father-in-law Tim were on the hunting grounds, but his plane kept shutting off and turning back on.  Meanwhile was experiencing hypothermia and dehydration and mike and time were getting frostbite.

Finally, Mike found a nearby pond on Google maps close to his location.  He says that was what helped search and rescue teams find them.  Mike says several things were key in saving himself and his father-in-law.

"I know I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for search and rescue and putting themselves at risk and with the help of God, having control the whole time," Mike Fisher, blizzard survivor says.

Mike says this near-death experience changed his life.  He says now he's more patient and with his kids, doesn't take his wife and kids for granted and has a deeper relationship with God.

Mike says for people going hunting he recommends packing things you may not think you need just to be safe, getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated.

Mike and Tim plan on going back to the Meagher county sheriffs office to thank all the volunteers that helped save their lives.

To donate to the volunteer-based search and rescue staff at the Meagher County Sheriff's Office you can go to