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Yellowstone River recreation outlook is good

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Good news for any river-lovers out there. River guides are saying the river outlook this year is favorable.

Chris Fleck, owner of Stillwater Angler Fly Shop, said he's hopeful this year's Yellowstone Flow will stay conducive to fishing and other river recreation.

Fleck said last year, some commercial rafting companies had to change their trips out onto the Yellowstone because of the low-flowing water. He said because of the heavy snowpack, the post runoff water has river levels high.

But he said he's hopeful this means the water flow will hold up longer.

"I think the outlook is really favorable and really positive for good sustained cold-stream flows through the summer," Fleck said. "And that's healthy for everything. Certainly it's healthy for the fish. It'll provide good recreational activities for all the water-related recreations, boating, rafting, fishing and what not."

Fleck said we are just starting to see runoff, and although the river levels are a little high for fishing, it will hopefully sustain stream flows through the summer.

He said this should also keep water temperatures at a healthy level which is vital because trout need cold, clear water.

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