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Water lines to be replaced along part of 24th St. W. in Billings

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UPDATE: Billings City Council members approved the construction bid to Western Municipal Construction, Inc for the water line replacement project along part of 24th St. W. 

Billings City Council is expected to award a construction bid Monday night, which will likely affect traffic on 24th Street and businesses between Central Avenue and Monad Road. The bid is to replace water lines on 24th Street.

If the bid is granted, construction will start in two to three weeks and will be done only at night. It will last for about 100 days.

Billings City Engineer Debi Meling said about 24,000 vehicles use 24th Street every day. She says the decision has been made to do night work to minimize the impact on traffic and businesses. Traffic will be limited to single lanes in each direction from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

According to a press release from the Public Works Department, approximately 2,500 feet of water lines will be replaced on 24th Street.

One business just opened up about a month ago. The owners say they are worried their business will decrease. Another business manager we spoke with says she doesn't anticipate much impact and will maintain regular business hours.

"We're worried it'll put a damper on it 'cause, you know, we've been here a month so getting our word out and then people not being able to get in and see it," said Ryan Sahly, co-owner of 'I'm Cravin' Bar-B-Que'.

"Even though the work is gonna be done at night, we know that it's still gonna impact our day business because the roads are still gonna be cleared off," said De Vencil, store manager of The Boot Barn. "They're still gonna have them blocked off. They're not gonna be able to get any traffic that's coming from northbound, coming towards my store. Unfortunately, they're gonna have to go all the way down to the end of the block, flip around and come back to see me."

The water lines being replaced are cast iron from 1959. Meling said businesses will stay open during the time of construction with little to no change regarding hours of operation.

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