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Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare receive CuddleCots for grieving families

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"This is going to change the baby loss experience tremendously," Kori Keller with the Ramsey Keller Memorial said.

The device is called a CuddleCot. It's designed to keep a baby's body at a cold temperature after their death, to give families more time to say goodbye.

"So it really was created from a mortuary company that does this for adults and they just really saw a need in the baby loss community," Keller said.

 Keller lost her daughter five years ago, just two days after giving birth. She said her baby's skin was so discolored, her family was not able to spend the time they needed to say goodbye.

"If this would have been an option, Ramsey wouldn't have left our side," Keller said. "We had three little boys when she passed away and we could have kept her with us longer. The sole reason we sent her back was because we didn't want our three boys to kind of see the discoloration and feel her getting cold to the touch."

Nurses say the CuddleCot will also be a helpful tool for them, so they have more to offer grieving mothers.

"It will just be really nice to have something extra to provide for them to make them feel like they're more at home rather than a hospital situation," St. Vincent's Clinical Supervisor Christina Lane said.

Audra Baird lost a child and said she knows how difficult it can be. She said she feels this device will help offer closure to families.

"When you're very limited on the time you have with your child on earth, it's hard to know what appropriate amount of time would be to say goodbye to your child," Baird said. "This allows you to do it on your time frame."

Click here to see how you can help support the Ramsey Keller Memorial Foundation.

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