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Bible Reading Marathon takes place on rims

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The Bible Reading Marathon is taking place right now on top of the rims in Billings. It began this morning with Mayor Tom Hanel and his wife, Robin. He and his wife have been opening the Bible Reading Marathon for the past three years, but this event has been going on for twelve. New Life Church holds this Bible Reading Marathon on top of the rims right by the airport.
The purpose is to bless the city including its citizens. For 72 hours, volunteers read the bible over the Magic City until Thursday. That day is considered the National Day of Prayer.
About 20 churches are involved and according the bible reading coordinator, Patti Brown, hundreds of readers participate.
"It does draw also- really brings a lot of unity within the body of Christ because this is for our community," said Brown. "It isn't about any one church, but we're just doing the labor and it's a labor of love."
According to Brown, the marathon begins on the first day of May and finishes around 6:00 A.M. on Thursday, the National Day of Prayer.

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