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Elder Grove wins Smart School Challenge for recycling efforts

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An exciting day for Elder Grove students as Lt. Governor Cooney presented the school with an award for their outstanding recycling efforts Wednesday.

Elder Grove principal Nathan Schmitz said the school started a recycling program four years ago. Over the past few years, the program grew and Schmitz said they decided to participate in the "Smart School" challenge.

 Schmitz said there are 568 students at Elder Grove, and the school averaged 39.1 lbs of recycled material per student.

The students' recycling efforts paid off, Elder Grove is now the Champion School for recycling for the state of Montana.

Schmitz said this accomplishment teaches the students more than just the importance of recycling.

"Education isn't just about math, reading writing and English," Schmitz said "It's about teaching our students to be the best citizens they can be. And part of that is to care for our earth and make sure that the future is as bright as it is currently."

Schmitz said he plans to continue entering Elder Grove in the Smart School Challenge. He said he's hoping to expand to a new category, "the green school," for their addition of solar panels on the school building.

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