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Local welder creates famous characters out of steel

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Some people like to brighten up peoples' lives just to make their day a little bit better. One welder is doing this by making fun and popular characters from famous children's movies out of propane tanks and posting them in front of their gates at home for everyone to see.

These fun characters like Bullseye, Mr. Potato Head, and the Minions can be seen on a country dirt road in Shepherd.

Keith Jesperson is a machinist welder and started making characters like these as a hobby two years ago. He said people have been stopping by to admire them with their kids and they love to take pictures with them. He also said people will leave heart-warming notes to express just how much they love these recognizable characters.

"It excites us that people enjoy them and we get really a kick out of them when we see them out here stopping and you'll find some of them will be hugging them and holding their hands, getting their picture taken and it's kind of a treat," said Jesperson.

Jesperson said the next character in the making is Wall-E from the Disney movie.

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