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Taxpayers now able to decide on Lockwood high school

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The governor of Montana signed off on a bill Tuesday that would allow Lockwood to choose to build a new high school. It was predicted that Senate Bill 139 would pass and sure enough - it did.

As a reminder, this bill would allow Lockwood voters to choose to have a high school in their town. Before this bill, that wasn't an option for Lockwood taxpayers.

Superintendent Tobin Novasio said the future of the Lockwood School District is in the hands of their own taxpayers. He also said based on the feedback he's gotten, he feels this topic will be on the ballot sooner rather than later.

"As far as budgeting goes of a high school, the only real cost of Lockwood taxpayers would be the cost of building the building," Novasio said. "Similar to the middle school that we're in right now. That bond - the amount of money that is going now - the amount of Lockwood tax money's going into school district 2 to operate the high schools would probably balance out almost exactly with what our budget would be for a high school."

As far as the location of a possible future high school in Lockwood, Novasio says he is hoping to have engineers and experts help with that decision.

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