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A student's hallway fall leads to a disturbing discovery

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A visit to the emergency room can be stressful enough. But what happens if you find out something as simple as a headache isn't as simple as you thought?

Whitne Burns is a student at Lewis and Clark middle school. She plays volleyball, is active and said she always thought of herself as a pretty healthy young woman.

Whitne said she was running in the hallways one day when she fell and hit her head.

 Whitne said the pain wasn't unbearable at first. In fact, she said she even attended volleyball practice after the fall. But soon, she said her head hurt so much, she asked her mom to take her to the emergency room in the middle of the night.

A CAT scan at the hospital revealed a tumor in Whitne's brain.

"I think if it continued to grow it could have been more symptomatic," Emergency Medicine Physician Nathan Allen said. "It could have started to result in  more significant neurological changes.

"I didn't know something like this could happen to me," Burns said. "But it did."

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