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Health and Human Services grants money to help fight against opioid addiction

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Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price, announced HHS will be giving $485-million dollars in grants to help states and territories fight opioid addiction. The state of Montana will receive two million out of that $485-million dollars to help fight opioid addiction.
Chief Operations Officer, Coralee Goni, with the Rimrock Foundation said opioid use is number three in the state, behind marijuana and meth.
Goni said the majority of addicts she sees have had some type of experience with opiods. She also said the effectiveness of the grant will depend on how state and agency leaders decide to use the grant.
 "It's very important that the federal government is recognizing the importance of giving money to the states to work with," said Goni. "Every state's got a problem right now and so I am encouraged and look forward to seeing how our state will use that."
Goni said they need policy changes because it's so difficult for clients to receive treatment due to regulations.
Wyoming will also be receiving two million dollars to fight against opioid addiction.

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