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MRM hosts Easter dinner

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On a day like Easter, most people spend time with their loved ones and celebrate for the holiday season, but those who are less fortunate tend to be forgotten. Montana Rescue Mission made sure that those people aren't forgotten today.

The dinner was held in the reception room located at the men's shelter, but the dinner was open to everyone. Volunteers started out by praying together just before dinner- then came the delicious food which included dessert.

The McDowell family volunteered at MRM and said they spend most holidays volunteering at the shelter to teach their children about what it means to help others in need.
" I wanna help people and it makes me feel good and I'm helping other people and it makes other people good," said Drew.

Denise Smith is the public relations director at MRM and said they try to make holidays like the one today a very special day.
"It's such a blessing to us to be able to give and serve to those individuals that maybe otherwise would not be able to receive an Easter meal," said Smith.

" I want to thank 'em. 'Cause every bit of it's worth it," said James O'Rourke, one of the people who came to eat at MRM. "You know, it saved me and it- I've seen a lot of people come and go and they're working again and they're just joyous 'cause they're able to do it again."

Over 200 people came to participate-- whether it was volunteering or sitting down to eat. The Montana rescue mission also made home deliveries for families in need and a chapel service to those who wanted to attend. According to Smith, the Montana Rescue Mission served over 350 meals today. Two hundred of those were home deliveries.

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