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Bill for Lockwood high school awaits governor signature

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Senate Bill 139, which has to do with expanding schools, has been approved by the House and Senate.

Senate Bill 139 allows school districts that have more than 1,000 students to move forward with expansion and Lockwood wants to build its own high school.

Superintendent Tobin Novasio says, with community support and little opposition, the bill will most likely pass within the next week. He says all they need is approval from the governor. Novasio also says the community is growing and it makes sense to have a high school in Lockwood because their K-8 school is the largest one in Montana, other than the one in Hardin. He says most, if not all, taxpayers have favorable opinions about the measure. A majority of children enrolled in Lockwood's K-8 school attend Skyview after 8th grade.

"I'm a firm believer that the better decisions are made closer to where the kids are and this is a great victory for local control in the state of Montana," Novasio said.

The superintendent also says the bill allows the community to have a discussion about building a high school because they were not allowed to before.

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