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Family of woman injured in weekend hit and run thanks witnesses

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UPDATE: The family of the woman who was severely injured in a hit and run over the weekend says she's in good spirits.

Genie Cabrera's sister, Juney Cole, says her sister was in surgery again on Monday.

She says they're not sure what her long term prognosis is. Juney says the doctor is saying her sister is considered a paraplegic, although she has some feeling in her legs.

Genie was hit from behind on Sunday while riding her niece's bike. Juney says her sister was on her way home from Walmart with her 17-year-old's birthday dinner when she was hit from behind.

Juney says in spite being in a lot of pain Genie is cracking jokes and making the nurses laugh.

"She had the nurses giggling and laughing. The nurse said hold on I gotta dot my "I's" and cross my "T's" and my sister jumped in and said and don't forget to add the smiley face. And that was the same day as the accident I mean she literally just had her first surgery and she was still coming out of anesthesia," says Juney.

Juney says her sister has three kids. A gofundme account has been set up to help the family, it's called Medical Fund for Genie Cabrera.

Juney says the family is grateful for the people who saw what happened and helped her sister. Juney says, "That was the number one thing that Genie talked about the day of the accident after her first surgery that thank God for the people that were there right there. They immediately came to her rescue. She couldn't move, she was terrified and they were just there for her like family."

Juney says they would like to meet the people who helped her sister. They're hoping they reach out through social media so they can thank them.

UPDATE: BPD reports that the driver and the vehicle have been located. They tell us an investigation is underway.


On Sunday afternoon officers from the Billings Police Department and medical rescue personnel were dispatched to the area of Rosebud Dr. and King Park Dr. for an injury accident. 

A 32-year-old Billings female was riding a bicycle eastbound on Rosebud Drive when she was hit from behind by a vehicle. The vehicle then fled the scene. A witness to the crash described the suspect vehicle to be a 90s model dark green Honda. The vehicle appeared to be occupied by two females. The vehicle was reported to have sustained front end damage as well as a shattered windshield from the impact.  

The victim was transported to St. Vincent’s hospital by AMR and is being treated for possible spinal injuries and head trauma. Although her injuries are serious, they do not appear to be life threatening. Billings crash investigators were called out to the scene.

Anyone with information that can help law enforcement to locate and identify the suspect driver is encouraged to contact police non-emergency dispatch at 657-8200.  

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