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Northern Plains Council files as lead plaintiff in Keystone XL lawsuit

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The Northern Plains Council Thursday filed as lead plaintiff in a lawsuit dealing with the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The lawsuit was filed in federal district court in Great Falls and challenges president Trump's approval for the pipeline.

According to the Northern Plains Council, this lawsuit is  a way to challenge the permit on what they said is outdated and incomplete information.

The Council said the Trump administration justifies the approval for the pipeline using old information.     

They said the information comes from a 2014 Environmental Impact Statement which determined the projects threat to health of water, land and communities the pipeline would affect.

Dena Hoff, a northern plains member, said since the statement there have been several pipeline spills. Two of them in the Yellowstone River, one of those was on her property.

Although Hoff said there are environmental impacts, supporters say Montana stands to benefit a lot from the project.

Baker Montana is one of the areas the pipeline would go through, and some residents say they are excited about the project because it could save their town and bring money into the state.

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