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Billings woman still fishing at 81, shares catching the love of her life and learning to let go

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For some, fishing is a way to enjoy the great outdoors, maybe even catch dinner while you're at it. For Sweetwater Community Resident Laura Alvin, fishing is a lifestyle.

Alvin said she started fishing before she started grade school, holding a pole before holding a pencil. Now, the 81-year-old shares catching the love of her life, and learning to let go.

"My husband, Herb, when I first met him, he kept asking me for a date, but he always wanted to go out on Friday night, and i'm always getting up early on Saturday morning to go fishing," Alvin said.

Alvin said she continued to refuse a date with the young man, until her brother found middle ground by inviting him to come fishing with the two of them.

"My brother said 'come on, you go fishing with me, and i'll explain all about her.'"

That day would mark the first fishing trip for Laura and Herb, but not the last. The two would later marry and share fishing for the next 53 years. 

"We were fishing the day that he passed away," Alvin said. "He knelt down to unhook my hook and the whole bank gave way and he went headfirst into the river."

There would be no more fishing trips for Laura and Herb after that day, but Alvin continues to carry on the couple's passion. At nearly 82 years old, she continues to fish, hunt, and do many of the other activities she's enjoyed her whole life while fondly remembering the love of her life. 

"I sure miss him," Alvin said. "I figured life goes on. I still go fishing and if someone will go with me i'll still go hunting. I still got my rifle."

Hear Laura Alvin share her love story and passion on KULR-8 News tonight. 

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