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Dozens of dead fish found along riverbank near Worden

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Evette White headed out to the Gritty Stone Fish Access Site this past weekend with her husband and dog to check on their boat and do some fishing. When they got there, White says she was surprised at what was in front of her.

"We saw the whole bank was full of it, mainly carp, but there were some other – it almost looked like maybe some trout too in there and the carp ranged from very very small to very very large and it kinda freaked me out," White said.

The fish were dead and floating in the water. Bob Gibson, manager for Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, says the amount of dead fish isn't surprising.

"Our fisheries folks say that they are aware that that kind of kill off does happen sometimes in the early spring and it would not be that common," said Gibson. He says the cause of death likely is winter kill, but the agency is checking to make sure there are no other possibilities.

Gibson says the dead fish are nothing to be concerned about at the moment. He says they are not hazardous, but should not be taken home to eat.

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