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CEO of USA Cycling responds to failed bike bill

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  House state bill 267 failed to pass on March 13th. This bill would have established a safe distance between cars and bicycles sharing the road by 3 ft or at a maximum of 35 miles per hour. According to the Independent Record, Montanan Senate President, Scott Sales, criticized cyclists by saying they don't pay a gas tax to support maintenance, yet, still use the road.
     President and CEO of USA Cycling, Derek Bouchard-Hall, wrote a letter to Senator Sales stating: "Regarding who pays for the roads, your belief that cyclists do not pay their fair share is a very common misperception. Most Montana cyclists are also drivers and contribute to road building and maintenance just like all other drivers."
     "It would be nice if there was more dedicated bike lanes," said cyclist, Mark Foottit. "I think on regular residential places are fine. You can be in the road or on the sidewalks, but on the busier streets, they definitely need to make more room for bicyclists, " said cyclist, Tricia Foottit.
     Bouchard-Hall continued to state "We are all in this together--cyclists are drivers, and drivers are cyclists. We are a community dependent on one another. Please help us come together, respect one another, and safely share the public infrastructure which we all have the right to use. Your leadership here will save lives and benefit your state."
     The current law says vehicles can pass bicyclists as long as they don't endanger the person riding. If you want to read the full statement in the open letter, you can visit

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