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Billings Clinic Science Expo holds eclipse presentation

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The Science Expo ended with a bang. The Space Public Outreach Team held a seminar on solar and lunar eclipses. Their goal was to get kids interested about science. Enough to where they can consider that field for their futures.
Children, young and old, had a blast learning about the history of eclipses, how they worked, and when the next eclipse was going to take place. They got to participate and conversate in the presentation, as well as ask any questions they might have had.Kendric Bizak of the Space Public Outreach Team says it's important to have presentations like the one this morning.
"Every year, we make a show and then we present the show during the school year to schools," said Bizak. "We try to go all over Montana. We especially hit up a lot of places during Christmas and spring break and it's all about getting Montanan kids excited about science."
The next total solar eclipse will happen this year on August 21st around 11:35 A.M. The next total lunar eclipse will happen on January 31st 2018.

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