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SD2 levy discussion meetings begin

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Tuesday night was the first of six presentations School District two is hosting to inform voters of the upcoming vote for school levies.

The meetings are a way for voters to hear plans for the proposed levy, as well as ask questions.

In the presentation, members from the board of trustees explained the levies, for the elementary schools and for the high schools, would fund learning.

The elementary budget of $1.4 million dollars, and the high school budget of $1.2 million will go toward updated textbooks, additional staff, and programs for both gifted and talented students and students struggling in school.

Trustees explain levies are different from bonds because bonds are a loan and go toward buildings and maintenance. Levies are constant, and this money is used to support learning in schools.

Mike Arnold, Billings School District CFO said if this levy isn't passed, certain things may need to be cut from the schools.

He said money from the levy passed in 2013 greatly benefited the district.

"We were able to bring the class sizes down," Arnold said. "We had 90-something classes that were overcrowded. We're down to approximately 30 kids right now because we were able to hire 22 new teachers with the past levy that passed."

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