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Law Clerks speak highly of US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch

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Neil Gorsuch has been nominated for the open seat on the US Supreme Court and he is now awaiting approval.

While his nomination is pending, a group of law clerks, some who used to work for Gorsuch and some who are currently working for him, are traveling from state to state on a tour. 

The clerks said their mission is to let people know what kind of judge he is, but also what kind of man he is. 

The law clerks said as a judge, Gorsuch is knowledgeable, fair and talented but they said another reason they enjoyed working for him is because he is also a kind person. 

"He in fact has eight cases that he has sat on the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals that have been reviewed by the Tenth Circuit," Lucas Walker, a Partner at MoloLamken said. "In seven out of the eight, the Supreme Court agreed with his position." 

"I think the judge just really embraces all of his law clerks," Law Clerk Allison Turbiville said. "The Judge and another judge on the Tenth Circuit regularly go on a ski trip every year and I think that the judge, he skis with everyone regardless of their ability and so I think that's going to make him an incredible justice as well and a very respected colleague."

Gorsuch must win a senate majority vote to be confirmed. 

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