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Learning about dementia through a dementia simulator

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We've all heard about how frustrating it can be for a dementia patient to navigate through every day life, but many of us will never understand what it feels like.

SYNERGY HomeCare hosted a dementia simulation so care partners at Highgate Senior Living could better understand what their patents were going through.

Each participant had to wear headphones playing confusing background noises, glasses with obstructed vision, gloves and shoe spikes.

Each participant was then asked to complete five tasks while in an unfamiliar room with distractions like strobe lights -- making these tasks difficult to complete.

"I definitely wandered around the room trying to find what i was looking for because I could not remember," said Care Partner Angela Weber.

"That's why we see the frustration in our residents because they're trying to complete a simple task that they used to do on their own and can't do it," Care Partner Kelly Padilla said.

Jeremy Glover with Highgate said many dementia patients are often treated with medication when they become frustrated, but he says he believes there are better ways to treat dementia using holistic approaches.

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