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National Finals Skijoring Races in Red Lodge

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RED LODGE, Mont. -

"It's the most dangerous thing you can do on a horse with a guy attached to ya', chasing ya'," horse rider, Rick Farmsworth said.

He says horses are normally an escape animal that runs freely. But, in skijoring, it's a team combined of a horse, a rider and a skier.

As the trio makes their way around the obstacle, the skier is holding on to a rope that the rider is holding onto the other end, going up to 25 miles per hour. The skier is also hitting jumps in the obstacle.     

"They're going fast, we're in the mud, we're turning left, they're going over jumps. You get to the crowds, the horse he knows it, picks up his ears -- it's fun," he said.

It's Farmsworth's second year doing skijoring and he's not doing so bad. They're sitting at third place for the first day.

Red Lodge Skijoring Association is hosting the National Finals Skijoring Races.

The teams are hoping to have a clean run with the fastest time.

Farmsworth says even though it's dangerous, skijoring is a lot of fun so the key to being safe:

"We prepare by riding our horses 3.. 4 times a week and every weekend when there's not a skijoring event but it takes a lot of practice and you have to have a good horse and a good skier," he said.

After the event, people headed to Bogart's Restaurant to benefit two local charities. On Sunday, there will be a chili cook-off and the awards ceremony at Foster and Logan's Pub and Grill.

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