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Combating Billings' rising drug problem

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Law enforcement respond to two drug-related incidents Tuesday, which put people's lives in danger.

It's no surprise meth use, and now even heroin use, is continuing to rise in Billings.

According to Lt. Neil Lawrence with the Billings Police Department, there have been 377 total drug charges so far this year.

The question is: how can we help control it?

Lawrence said, law enforcement officers, detectives and drug task forces are all working to combat the problem and keep dangerous people off the streets.

But they can't do it alone.

With so many drug cases in the system, judges are busy. The possible addition of two new judges will lighten the case loads, but the ultimate goal is to try to fix the problem.

"But ultimately I think the biggest thing that we need to fix is at the bottom level," Lawrence said. "I mean obviously, stop doing drugs and those who are, try to get help."

Lawrence said the community can help combat the problem by involving law enforcement or helping those you know who may have a problem find counseling.

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