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Another project on Grand Avenue is set to start in spring

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Those who traveled on Grand Avenue last spring may have said it was a big pain when traveling near Grand and Shiloh.

Another major road construction project is about to take over a part of Grand Avenue this spring.

 The city has been working on the project since the location of the new Ben Steele Middle School was decided. The project will focus on 52nd Sreet West to 58th Street West off of Grand Avenue.

The plan is to widen Grand from 52nd to 58th to a three-lane section. It will also include a multi-use path along the south side of Grand to Rimrock and a traffic signal at the intersection of Grand and 54th.

According to a press release from the City of Billings, the contractor will be allowed to close Grand Avenue and 54th for a portion of the summer with approved detours.

Residents say they are actually looking forward to the completion of the project.

"The traffic is pretty bad on Grand and we can just imagine that when Ben Steele opens it's going to be worse, so we would like to see it. We would actually like to see it to 48th," Kristy Montgomery said.

A public information meeting on the project will be held on March 8th. Bidding will begin March 14th. Construction would start mid- to late April of this year.

Also, starting on March 13th, Central from Shiloh to 48th will be closed completely. The city is doing subdivision utility work.

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