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Bridger teacher uses virtual reality in lessons

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BRIDGER, Mont. -

If you want to learn about another country, the best way to do that is probably go there. But if you can't, virtual reality may be the next best thing.

Jeffrey Zeltner, an art teacher at Bridger schools, is using virtual reality to do just that. Zeltner said he is teaching students about the history of Rome by taking them there using a VR headset.

In his lesson, Zeltner walks the students through the streets of Rome, pointing out key structures while simultaneously explaining the history behind them.

Zeltner said this method of teaching is interactive and can keep the students engaged, while using technology they already have.

"It's a cheap way to bring technology into the school and let kids use their devices to get them out into the world," Zeltner said.      

Zeltner says he plans to continue using this method to teach his students.      

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