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A person close to Rep. Zinke releases statement on his recent voting record

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UPDATE: A person close to Rep. Ryan Zinke releases a statement on the background as to why Zinke has not voted since January. Here is that statement:"The Congressman is following the same protocol that all presidential nominees have followed since being nominated. He is working hard to prepare so he can take the reins and be effective at Interior on day one. With all the big issues facing Montana at the Department - whether through National Parks, the BLM or BIA - there is absolutely no doubt that Zinke's work now is preparing him to serve Montana at a higher level once the Senate votes to confirm him."  

It's been two months since Congressman Ryan Zinke officially accepted the nomination to become the Interior Secretary on President Donald Trump's cabinet.

Tonight, final confirmation has not happened, but Washington insiders expect that confirmation to be finalized soon. While awaiting confirmation, Zinke continues to hold a congressional seat.

When Ryan Zinke ran last year for another term in Congress, he did so not knowing that 2017 may come with a much different title. But while awaiting confirmation, Zinke still holds the lone congressional seat for the state of Montana.

We wanted to see how well that seat is being put to use. The website https://www.govtrack.us/ is a great place to check to see how your congressman and senators are voting on key issues in Washington.

We first checked to see how Senators Tester and Daines are representing Montanans.

Senator Tester is the longest tenured of the three. According to the website: Since taking office in 2007, Senator Tester has missed just 23 votes.

Looking at Senator Daines, he took office in 2015, since then the website marks Senator Daines with a perfect voting record. No missed votes.

Finally let's look at Representative Zinke. He also took office in 2015, in his first term the congressman missed 36 of a possible 1325 votes. However, since January, the congressman missed 80 of a possible 99 votes.

We reached out to all three men for statements regarding their voting records.

Senator Tester's office tells us:

"Jon takes his job as Montana's Senator very seriously.  The people of Montana sent him to Washington to do a job, and that includes voting, meeting with Montanans at home and in DC, and thinking critically about each and every issue that comes before Congress and the impacts it may have on Montana."

As for Senator Daines, he tells us:

"My number one priority is to do what Montanans elected me to do - represent their voices in Washington, D.C. It's a duty and an honor that I take seriously - Montana is the Last Best Place."

Tonight, we're working to get a statement from the Zinke campaign.

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