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Montana lawmakers hope to pass a bill that allows teachers to carry guns

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Could guns like these soon be carried on the person of teachers in public school classrooms? One Montana lawmaker is hopeful that will soon be the case.

Republican Representative Seth Berglee of Joliet argues his bill would allow school employees to "defend and protect" students.

The proposed bill would allow faculty members who hold valid conceal carry permits to bring a concealed weapon into to school. As might expect the debate is a lively one on social media.

A parade of parents and educators told members of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that guns on campuses could lead to tragic consequences. One the people testifying was former Fergus High School Vice Principal John Moffatt, who was shot in 1986 when a student opened fired.

On Facebook, one woman says says no, and is concerned school staff could also lose their tempers, and aren't trained professionals. She adds she'd rather see armed security.

Another comment says no as well because having a concealed carry permit doesn't mean appropriate and updated training. On the other side of the argument, many are saying yes if there's sufficient training.

KULR-8 spoke with a local man today. He like many others feels this is a good move for lawmakers to make.

"Basically the violence that happens in schools, it's just so random, you know, I think teachers should be able to be armed so they can protect the kids and themselves," Bob Tambo said.

He adds that he wants rules and regulations in place so kids wouldn't have access to the firearms.

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