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U.S Marshals discuss Montana Violent Offender Task Force numbers for 2016

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As Billings continues to grow, crime continues to rise so law enforcement is coming together. this afternoon, officers met downtown to discuss the success of the Montana Violent Offender Task Force and Sex Offender Operations.

Billings Police Chief, Rich St. John, says there are hundreds of warrants for misdemeanors, but there aren't enough resources or space for the criminals. With the help of the Montana Violent Offender Task Force, law enforcement is going after those who have committed violent crimes and serving them with their warrants.

The task force operates across the state with partnership from law enforcement in Billings, Missoula and Great Falls.

U.S. Marshal Darrell Bell is pleased with the progress. Through a collaborative effort, he says they closed a total of 1440 city, county, state and federal warrants throughout 2016. Along with offenders, they're confiscating weapons and various types of drugs.

As for 2017: 

"I don't foresee reducing the amount of offenders we run into and you have to understand they are the worst of the worst in the state of Montana and that's what we're after and we probably have one of the top task forces in the country just because they work so hard they train they coordinate and they're after what we want is safety for our  citizens," Bell said.

As for the Sex Offender Criminal Investigation Operation, in 2016, Bell says they completed 900 compliance checks and arrested 46 individuals for various charges.

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