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Pets will be allowed in Billings parks starting Feb. 1

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There's some good news for our four-legged friends. Later this week, dogs and cats will be allowed in city parks.

Starting Feb. 1, the Billings Pets in Parks Ordinance will go into effect, allowing pet owners to bring cats and dogs to city parks. But there's a catch (no, not the catch you play with your dogs). Dogs and cats will not be allowed on playgrounds, splash pads, pools or athletic fields. Parks and Public Lands Superintendent Jon Thompson said it's a safety concern.

He added, they received more than the needed 10,000 pet permits after Jan. 1.

"We will be working on installing signage as the weather improves here and over the next month or so. Initially, folks won't see the proper signage until we are able to get that done," he said.

Thompson said pet owners are required to have their dogs and cats on a leash that is 8 feet long or shorter. Owners are also required to have a garbage bag to dispose of their pet's feces properly.

Click here for more information on the Billings Pets in Parks Ordinance.

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