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Montana universities react to immigration ban

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Campuses across the U.S. are also commenting on the President's new travel ban. Some of the latest reaction is coming from universities in Montana.

Earlier today, Montana State University Billings held a meeting with the international students to provide support. The specifics aren't being released.

MSUB professors say there are nearly 20 students who are affected by the temporary ban. They also tell us that students are nervous about what this means for their futures.

We reached out to some m-s-u-b students, but they are choosing to withhold their comments at this time.

The MSUB Office for International Studies Executive Director Paul Foster says the department will continue having open office hours for students. The MSUB interim chancellor just released this statement, which reads in part: 

"MSU Billings has an active and growing international student body, including students from all continents. In fact, over 30 languages are spoken daily on the MSUB campus. We firmly believe that international and global competencies are a critical part of higher education in the 21st century."

The University of Montana released a statement. They tell us the order is a disruption for students, researchers, and faculty and staff members who are citizens of the countries included in the ban.

Their statement reads in part:

"Public research universities are deeply concerned about the administration's new policy preventing visa and green card holders of seven countries from returning to the U.S. for 90 days. The consequences of this action along with the ban on refugees, reverberate far beyond the higher education community and are worthy of everyone's attention."

A student at the University of Wyoming is affected by the immigration ban. The school president, Laurie Nichols, says the student is scheduled to join the graduate program but is unable to travel because of the immigration order.

In Billings, MSUB leaders say the school is committed to working  closely with the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to ensure all student visa holders fully comply with immigration laws.

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