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Child safety along Barrett Road sparks public discussion

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The safety of children along Barrett Road sparked public discussion for parents in the Heights on Tuesday.

The meeting was organized by the Billings Heights Task Force at Medicine Crow Middle School, where dozens of concerned parents and members of the community showed up, voiced their opinions and made suggestions. They asked questions about how they could make the situation safer for all parties.

Issues brought up included: Sidewalks in the 3-mile radius where buses don't drop off kids, better plowing to help with narrow roads, and more signage, and/or more street lights.

Of course, not all of the suggestions are permanent options. Several temporary ideas were placed on the table too. Suggestions made were kids walking on one side of the road, dressing kids in more visible clothing, and temporary bollards. SD2 Superintendent Terry Bouck, said he plans to look into several options after the meeting and adding speed patrol to the area could be an immediate fix.

At the end of the day, everyone could agree on one thing, and that is public safety, is and always will be, a priority.  

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