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Billings School District 2 motions to approve levy election

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Billings School District 2 holds its Board of Trustees Regular Meeting January 23rd, and there was a lot to be discussed especially about the Planning and Development Committee Report.

The discussion on whether the Elementary Levy and High School Levy Election Resolution should be approved, stirred up a lot of conversation among board members.

With both levy elections, SD2's Chief Financial Officer, Mike Arnold, said they would be asking for more than $1 million for each levy. These are of course not the official numbers. Those will be determined for the official ballot, approved by the end of March.

Superintendent, Terry Bouck, said they want to expand opportunities within the school system, and to make more of an effort, they need more people. He said they are planning for the future, and the approval of levies are critical when it comes to the kids and the community.

In the end, the board motioned to approve moving forward with a levy election during the May 2nd, 2017 school election. Bouck said he wants to meet with staff, parent groups, and the public for further education and the importance of the levies.

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