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Women’s March in Cody

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CODY, Wyo. -

Cody – Hundreds of women and men joined the Women’s March in Cody’s City Park Saturday. Organizers say almost 500 people were there. Cody is a very conservative community, so the large turnout was unusual.

The marchers carried signs that championed several causes.  Some signs supported women’s rights. Others opposed anti-immigration policies. One sign featured a picture of President Trump, with the label: “Electile Dysfunction”.

The crowd cheered when one speaker called for action against climate change. One man held a sign against selling, or trading federal lands. He said the march was for people who are not fooled by rhetoric, or ‘fake news’.

Powell resident Geoff Baumann said, “Federal land is our national treasure.  It’s something that we can never get back if we sell it or get rid of it.  Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, they’d be spinning in their graves if they knew we were even considering selling off public land.”

One speaker talked about first amendment rights, and noted that Trump had shut down a CNN reporter who tried to ask him a question at Trump’s pre-inauguration press conference. Christine Garceau said early lawmakers added the first amendment: Free Speech to the constitution, as a reaction to King George.

Garceau said, “I think that people need to remember our first amendment is really important.  It allows us to ask those questions of our elected officials.  If they’re uncomfortable answering those, well maybe they should have a different career choice.”

Garceau predicted Saturday’s national Women’s March will not be the last one. She said people realize they can’t sit back and depend on polls anymore, but need to participate in democracy.