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Hunting, outdoor sports gaining popularity with women, children

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The weather says "winter" but this weekend's Great Rockies Sportshow in MetraPark is helping families prepare for summer adventures.

The 3-day presentation of fishing, hunting, and other outdoor gear is the largest in Montana and Wyoming, and vendors know they aren't just marketing toys for the boys.

"Women are coming out of the woodwork," PROIS State Coordinator Margie Nelson said. "It's a whole new ball game for everybody."

Nelson grew up in Montana's backyard hunting, and knows the outdoor sport is continuing to gain popularity among women.

"The amount of women in the hunting industry these days has gone up 40 percent in the last few years," Nelson said.

In fact, Nelson's PROIS specifically markets hunting and field apparel for women.

"We're built differently," Nelson said. "The girls want things that fit right and they look nice in. We want things that fit our butts."

Nelson said her hunting clothing is for both young girls and adult women interested in the outdoor recreation. Other vendors at the sportshow also market outdoor adventures to all.

"I'm seeing moms and dads, boys and girls, grandmas...three generations or more out here," said Erin Proctor with the Montana State Parks and Recreation program. "This is a place like no other in America,so I definitely encourage everyone to get out and see what is out there."

The Great Rockies Sportshow continues tomorrow, Sunday, January 22nd, from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. in MetraPark's Montana Pavilion.

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